Quality & Compliance

Bangladesh clothing manufacturer is comprised of experienced personnel that is capable of supporting customers at every step of the process.
Pre-production teams, risk analysis team, and pilot runs to identify potential issues and take appropriate actions to solve them.
Fabrics are always inspected and tested before any bulk cuttings are done. Accessories and Embellishment testing adhere to ISO and AATC standards.


Our production network is based on compliance, we guarantee our customers that their goods are produced in factories where the workers’ rights are respected. 

We have our own Compliance Department that constantly evaluates the factories and provides them with mandatory follow-up improvements. We constantly strive to improve the working conditions, safety, and benefits of the workers. This is made possible by a long term partnership with our clients and manufacturers. 

We are following international standards and code of conduct such as BSCI, Accord, Wrap, ICS…



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